Easy RAR Recovery

Easy RAR Recovery 2

Recover RAR files with a RAR repair tool

Recover RAR files with a RAR repair tool

Easy RAR Recovery is an archive recovery application which works specifically with RAR files, created in any type of archiver and stored on any type of hard drive. The program’s algorithms search for deleted files and can also restore corrupted RAR archives even when it seems that all hope is lost. The program is a specialized RAR repair tool so the quality of the result is more specific than that of the internal recovery tools of WinRAR or any other RAR archiver. SFX archives and large sized RAR files can be recovered as well.

Special sophisticated algorithms restore as much data as it can possibly be restored. They scan the storage device by sectors so that no data is neglected. The quality is undoubtful and can be compared to the result of manual recovery.

Easy RAR Recovery has a preview which lets a user view all the files from the damaged archive before starting the recovery process. It’s developed in order to let a user evaluate the program and make a decision. This RAR repair tool works in Windows and supports files of all known file archivers.

The program was purposefully made as plain and simple as possible so that anyone, no matter how computer smart, could restore files easily.